Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Search Engine Results for "SEO Rochester"

I have been indexed pretty quicky for this blog about search engine optimization - and I am doing pretty well on MSN. Google hasn't quite caught up, but they will and yahoo likes me decently enough.

I mention this because while I intend to continue to post useful information on SEO and SEO services in Rochester, if you are seeking a company to do SEO for you, (and that is my recommendation to anyone in a highly competetive market, looking to do some serious optimization) Go to YourProfitWeb.com. They can handle your SEO needs at a variety of levels. They are the experts. The info here is for the casual tinkerer looking to learn more, or the SEO Pro seeking updated information and new ideas. SEO is a full time job. (Believe me!) - THANKS - meg

Thursday, September 15, 2005

SEO and Geographic information

Orinally posted in Ramblings of an Insomniac

Geographic Information, and its Importance for SEO

Very often someone will come to me looking to come up high on the search engines for a really broad term - like "gift baskets". And I have to be the person who brings them down to Earth... because 1) Most small business will have a hard time coming up for such a broad search term, (they don't have the money to compete) and 2) If they were to get this placement, it is likely that the majority of people who visit the site would not convert to actual customers.When targeting keyphrases, it is important to chose phrases that will bring qualified traffic, and that they are obtainable. A good example is "Rochester SEO". Currently, BizNetix comes up pretty high in a Google Search for "SEO Rochester". However, on a search for just "SEO" places BizNetix somewhere - WAY out there....And, that is just fine. BizNetix would like people who visit the site to really be looking for them. People like to buy from local companies. By adding in the geographical word into the phrase, the likelyhood of the visitor staying and reading through the site... and even buying, rises considerably.This got me thinking. I have not given any specific geographical information in this blog much at all. Perhaps you are looking for "Meghan Wier" online- You will be able to find me on Google without a problem. (1) I have a pretty uncommon name, and 2) There is a lot of fairly public information on me out on the WWW, 3) I did it on purpose to use as an example to my clients... so I would hope that I am out there )--- I think there may even be a couple pics in the Google Image Directory (some of which are not even me, by the way).Anyhow, if you meet me out someplace, and I impress you with my wit and charm and incredible grasp of Internet Marketing, and remember just that my name is Meg, and that I do SEO in Rochester.... would you find me in Google? Yes... actually. (Try it out.), Ok, how about if you just remember my name is Meg and I live in Rochester....(Try it out). Nope... not a chance. You know why? Because of all the sites I have access to, I have never optimized my name and city. I guess I could write "Meg, Rochester, NY" at the end of all my blog posts... but more effective for me, and for your companies, would be to add additional information on the city or state you are doing business in (or wish to do business in).

Meghan Wier (Meg) is located in Rochester, NY, in the Upstate, NY Fingerlakes Region. Rochester is known for its Lilac Festival, Rochester Rhinos A-League Soccer Team, as well as the Rochester Amerks Hockey and Rochester Red Wings Baseball teams. Rochester is home to the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology, (RIT). Rochester is an easy drive to Buffalo, Syracuse, Niagara Falls, and the beautiful winery region of the Finger Lakes. Meg is a long-time Rochester resident, and is proud to call Upstate New York home

....you think that will do it? Maybe. But at least it is a start.-Meg, Rochester, NY

H1 Tags and SEO

Post originally from Ramblings of an Insomniac.

H1 tags and SEO - one more step in the Optimization puzzle
Good article on H1 tags and SEO.http://www.cssinsider.com/entry/1234000530052553/The article focuses on Google's determination of rank based on H-tags... pretty good stuff.-Meg

Page Rank Further Explained

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Page Rank Further Explained
I received a comment this morning from someone (Anonymous) who wanted to know why anyone should focus on Page Rank...The first thing I would like to say about that is please feel free to contact me at meg@rochester.rr.com with questions on search engine optimization. I will try to address your questions personally when time and the situation permits. While I love the comments, I am not always sure that the person interested in the answer is going to come back to the site for it. (If you don't feel comfortable posting your email on the Internet-like me - then leave a link to your Web site and your first name in the comment and I will track you down.) Ok, the question repeated:"I must be missing something with the whole pagerank thing. I mean, if I go after a keyword, and I get it to the top position in the search engines, why should I care at all about the pr that is going to show in the google bar. It shouldn't matter at all, to anyone. After all, the whole point is to grab those top positions, and you can do that just fine without having high google pr."My answer: Page Rank is just one of the many factors that goes into determining your organic placement on Google. (Let me repeat that for affect: PR IS a factor that determines where you appear on the Search Engines.) The reason to focus on PR is that it is easy to affect as it is determined by links, and quality of links into your site. To the visitor's comment on how high positions can be grabbed without high page rank - yes! absolutely that is true. To be #1 on Google for the term "meghan wier", my site doesn't have to have a high PR at all... because there is hardly any competition. For a broader, or more highly sought after term, such as "Web design", the current highest ranking site (9/3/05) has a PR of 7. Trust me, if they had a 2, they wouln't even be on the first page... no matter how hard they tunred their site!Of course Page Rank is not the only factor, but it is a BIG one. If two sites are built similarly, and have similar tuning, their only distinguishing factor may come down to who your friends are - and to Google, that mean who links to you.Anonymous, I hope this answers your question on the importance of Page Rank - the rest of you out there... please do feel free to ask me via email, or leave your contact info for me and I will do my best to help you out.... on a side note, I have been getting an influx of comments lately, a lot of "blog-spam". While I apreciate the interest in piggy-backing on my site, why don't you check out my Page Rank... which, in case you don't have a Google Tool Bar is a "1". And while I am working on getting that up, and no doubt I will... my PR is not going to rocket your PR anywhere. (Or drive any traffic to you what so ever). So go hop onto another site with a 3 or a 4... and stop getting my hopes up that I actually have people reading this blog! - (Oh, an I know when you are tring to be tricky about it... "I love your blog, check out my home loans site, I think you will find it interesting" - BS - you know I wont.)-meg

Google Information for Webmasters

Google gives some basic information for webmasters, website owners considering using an SEO company to optimize their websites - http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html

I of course recommend YourProfitWeb for SEO in Rochester and beyond.


First post - about SEO Rochester

I have started this blog because I am finding that I am writing an awful lot about search engine optimization (seo) in my personal blog. And while I will continue to do so, I wanted to move some content (or in some cases duplicate it) on a separate SEO blog to be a bit easier to read for those who could care less about my shopping lists and information about my book. So enjoy - feel free to comment, and let me know what you think about this blog.

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