Sunday, July 09, 2006

Myspace as a vehicle for SEO

I have created a myspace page - just like all the highschool students and grown men wanting to prenend they are highschool students.

My theory is that this growing community will be a great place to manage and direct traffic to other websites and potentially gain PR, (Google Page Rank).

That said I am finding that between the blogs, the websites and the myspace site, I have a lot of work to do that is peripheral to the general SEO tuning that I do, but I still believe that for the small business that is having trouble with an effective linking strategy, blogs are the way to go... and myspace is essentially a glorified blog with more users right now than just about any other similar "community".

...A good point here would be that Myspace could best be used for that particular demographic-- teens and young adults. (Of course, that is the demo that many businesses are looking to capture.)

I will let yo know how that goes but check out the Myspace page:

and the Myspace blog:

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