Tuesday, August 22, 2006

SEO Tips for Rochester and Beyond

SEO Tips

I was reminded today of how important up-to-date content is on a site and it dawned on me that I have negligent in keeping my SEO Rochester blog up-to-date. The point here is that we all forget to keep out sites updated. We get busy. Things happen, but be it a blog or a fancy corporate site, keeping content fresh is important on several levels.

Here are some SEO Tips to remember when updating your site:

1) A link's importance will degrade over time, so when you create a new update for your site, look for opportunities to link within the site, (or to another site or blog)
2) Remember your H1 tags. Like that big one I have at the top of this page. Is it ugly?... maybe, but a good heading acts as , well, a good heading...it also helps in SEO, so if you can get one in, do so.
3) Keyword density is still important! It may be THE most important SEO basic. So after you update your site, look through to make sure you have included your targeted phrase(s) enough times.
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Do you have any SEO Tips that you would like to share? Please Comment.

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