Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh Nelly. Meg has broken her rules again.

I have this rule. It is that if you are going to blog, you need to update your blog regularly. It seems that I not only have broken this "Meg's Cardinal Rule of Blogging", but tend to blog about breaking the rule often. (It is an embarrassing fact, but true). However, in my defense, I HAVE been blogging....just not about SEO....

Blogging for Search Engine Optimization is a wonderful tool to promote you, your business site, your business... blogging is a way to connect with your clients, fans, family and friends. It is comfortable, creative, casual.... a place to spew alliteration and enthral your readers with your aptitude and adeptness in your comfort with the English language---and unabashedly admit that punctuation was never a strong-point!

Several years ago I met a woman who was starting a business blogging business. (Yes, I know that sounds funny... but that is what she had... and ironically what I now have).

Now, this lady was VERY excited about this venture. And I thought she was NUTS! All I knew about blogging is that it is what the kids were doing it to share silly stories about their day at school, to vent about youthful romances gone bad and share morbid hormonally charged poems. How could a business think of having something so "unprofessional."

The evolution of blogs from then to now is interesting. They are still a venue for high school heart-break stories, and pictures of family and friends shared, but blogging does have a business purpose.... and a powerful one! Blogs have evolved into THE most cost-effective, powerful marketing tool!

Blogging is a way to get content online- quick, easily, and often in a fun way. People want to know that they are dealing with REAL people and blogging gives a consumer a face and a voice with which to work.

Whether you are selling conveyor belts or real estate, having a blog gives you credibility. It is an introduction to you and your business, how you do business and what sets you apart.

And blog often.

ANd don't let me forget it.

Meghan Wier

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to achieve the best results for targeted keyphrases on chosen search engines.

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