Monday, May 21, 2007

Spelling Errors - Bad for SEO

Have you ever had that "Duh!" moment when working on your site... I just did. And I hate when this happens. I was editing a client's site today when I came across a slew of spelling errors that either they or their developer left in the site. My edits were about 85 pages long, so this was a huge site. And almost every other page had a spelling error on it. Some times they were biggies, sometimes not. But in the cases where a keyphrase was misspelled, it was obviously having negative effects on the rankings.

Now I am a fast typist as I am sure many of you are too - - it is the world in which we live... spelling and typos are common, (as is bad grammar--this entry as evidence...) In fact we purposely abbreviate and misspell words all the time as we type - (UR soooooo right MW!) But search engines are fickle and if someone wrote "Team Building NY," they will so you a site about team building... not "Team Builing."

So how does this relate to me... well I just realized for a month now I left the typo "Charltte" on my SEO blog, instead of "Charlotte"!


-- NOTE: spelling errors CAN work on your side if the searcher mis-types... but do you want to take that chance and look like you made a mistake or are sloppy? Think of ways to include spelling variations on keyphrases, but be careful to be consistant and correct in your spelling.

- MW

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