Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Search Engine Results for "SEO Rochester"

I have been indexed pretty quicky for this blog about search engine optimization - and I am doing pretty well on MSN. Google hasn't quite caught up, but they will and yahoo likes me decently enough.

I mention this because while I intend to continue to post useful information on SEO and SEO services in Rochester, if you are seeking a company to do SEO for you, (and that is my recommendation to anyone in a highly competetive market, looking to do some serious optimization) Go to YourProfitWeb.com. They can handle your SEO needs at a variety of levels. They are the experts. The info here is for the casual tinkerer looking to learn more, or the SEO Pro seeking updated information and new ideas. SEO is a full time job. (Believe me!) - THANKS - meg


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