Thursday, April 20, 2006

linking strategy

I was asked to day to put together a linking strategy that we can implement for our clients who need to increase pagerank... and so I thought I would try to work something out, at least in part here.

The challenge is that even though we could go out and buy links - I hate that idea. I think it is a little shady and not valuable ultimately because often times these site don't have decent page rank and link to too many other sites. Also unless these sites have a similar theme and keyphrases it isnt likely to be worth the effort or money.

So here is what I am going to start with... We have a site that promotes a contest that we did a while back and we are going to update it and run the contest again in Spring of 2007. has a page rank of 1 - so it needs a lot of work.

My first step is to write about the Extreme Web Makeover Contest here on this blog. Let me tell you a little about this great contest... we will be taking applications from businesses who believe they need to revamp their websites but dont have the time or financial resources to make this happen in a way that would like. We will take a site and transform it into an attractive and functional website - and extreme makeover for your website!

The next steps are to get some more links - I will link it from the BizNetix site and the MeghanWier site and move from there.

A link strategy is difficult when there are no obiousl vendors or clients, but I think I can get a workable reproducable link strategy together, and Ill check back in and let you know how we are doing.


At 12:23 AM, Blogger rau123 said...

Hi Meghan,

Nice Post...I would like to share words with u.

Indirectly you are explaining one-way linking right!

WebTrooperz – Search Engine Optimization Experts India

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Meghan Wier said...

Share away -

Yes, I am speaking about 1 way linking. Two - or three-way linking can be a more effective strategy, but is generally a more advanced concept than the basic SEO topics that I cover here -- and if this is done correctly, it can be a very effective SEO method.


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