Friday, February 03, 2006

SEO - Meg's "Duh" Moment

So I am not keen on public speaking. Not keen and not good at... although that doesn't stop me from accepting invitations to do so, it just sometimes stops repeat invitations from coming in...

The other day I was asked by the Director of BNI in my area to give a little update/speech on Power Groups at an awards lunch. It was a last minute request, albeit for a short little report, but it put this introvert-shy girl into a tailspin.

Ok - I thought... "where to find good information on BNI power groups..quick! - .ah, the internet..."

(that was sarcasm, not the "duh" moment I was referring to).

So I found this great article really quickly, and it was SO relevant--well written, informative, to the point... it was perfect. So I printed it out and as I am reading through it I get to the end... and it says "(c) 2004 Meghan Wier"

whoops... that's me.

Well, I guess I am a pretty good source on that subject. That is why I was asked to talk about it. But the problem with having a working knowledge on Search Engine Optimization and an annoying habit of writing stuff down, I have created a library of information online - much of which is now out-ranking other really great (but not as optimized) sites.

Usually this is their loss. I will gladly help them out-rank me for a small nominal fee. But until then I am going to have to try to remember what it is that I have written about...

But if I forget, I know where to find it. The Internet of course.

To see my article on BNI power groups - click here.

Meghan Wier
Insomniac, Author and Crazed Search Engine Optimizer
Rochester, NY


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